Divorcing Melancholy


All the angst

And adolescent rousing

Of our fucked up formative years

Seem to lazily fade

Gently bounding off

Into the near horizon

Taking all that we were with it.

All the traitorous doubts

Lost loves

Lingering sorrows

& woeful memories

That have imprinted itself

In your core


Trying to define you

Make a home out of you.


You watch

In a flurrying ecstasy

As your awakening dispels this obstructive energy

The freedom, oh the beauty

That you now get to enjoy

In all its entirety


With the divine glow

Of internal light

You stand

After all the misery

That has brought you to your knees

You stand


Still fluorescent, still disarming

You smile


“Victory,” He said.

“She has victory in her eyes.”

Author: Ruth Elora

it's all about the mystery.

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