Misconceptions about Love


Ask for Love

In its truest, purest form.

Ask for it.

But be prepared for the soul-shaking storms that come.

Love never promised to constantly satisfy

To meet your every need

To attend to your every desire

Because if that is what you seek,

Love is not what you are looking for.

Love is not what you are looking for


When the storms come

When the thunder quakes your life

And the lightning dismantles your heart;

You will cry to the Creator

The Giver of your request

And question Love’s sincerity

Because you did not ask for pain,

You did not ask for agony,

You did not ask for a storm to destroy the very fabric of your being.

What fools we are, asking for what we do not know.

Naive in believing the tales of eternal sunshine

Because the pain is a part of love, the misery, the endurance.

Love is long suffering,

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?

Love is beautiful, yet annihilating.

It will kill your ego, your prior illusory self-concept

Until you are no longer you

But two.


So the next time you wail in dismay

At the sorrows that come as God rips a rib from your chest.

Do not lament

Be wise

You cannot experience metamorphic change without pain.

If love is what you are after

Love in its truest, purest form

Brace yourself before you ask

Brace yourself

It is more than worth it.


The Shining


It may take

Some time


Some kinds

Of people

To adjust their eyes

To the glittering

Astonishing light

You exude.


It may irritate


The kind whose eyes,

Whose lives

Are not accustom to

Such dazzling bright exposure.


Be not fazed,

Reactive or moved

By those kind.

They cannot reduce your magnitude.

No matter their efforts.


Focus your energy on your becoming

Rejuvenate & regenerate.

Your light is greatly needed.

Lingering Desire


In those brief absences

Of my lips knowing another,

My mind dances around the memory of you.


When looking back, my mind recreates you.

You are stronger, taller, innately sensitive,

With eyes that can transcend the physical.


In retrospect,

You are quintessential

Enough to make reality; unfulfilling.


But in truth,

You were just a whisper

Of something greater still to come.


Yet, in those absences

When the closest thing to my desires

Is in your inadequate memory,


I curse my fickle heart

For the sweet deceits it spews

And for enjoying the memory & image of you.



It was in those moments

The smallest

Most telling


That I was most sure of you


The moment our chests deflate

After fits of laughter

Sitting cross-legged

On the common room floor


The moment we all collapse home

From collective exhaustion

From the splendour and awe

The night gifted us


The moment our quartet sings in unexpected unison

To songs we never knew we could recite

The moment the most mundane tasks

Together are filled with bursts of delight


The moment when you feel

Shockingly vulnerable

And yet fundamentally safe

It is in that sweet paradox


It is in those moments

The smallest

Most telling


That I am most sure of us


This is a home.


Born of The Same Star



Our kiss held the perfect balance of

Swirling excitement


Giddish nerves

That ignited life back into every cell of my body,

The type of kiss that travels through you;

That takes you over

And leaves you breathless and disorientated.


What a power you have over me.


T’was as if

Before our kiss

The universe was preparing me for you,

As if God was leaving a trail of bread crumbs

To your lips.

O, my sweet sin, my glorious salvation

May my lips know nothing more than your touch.


All the moments before

Echoed promises of some sweet delight

Soon to greet me,

I saw three rainbows that week

And the moon was full of wondrous


Of loves tender arrival.


Passion is the nectar of the Angels,

Some say,

And our fire left the heavens rejoicing.

The sky withheld no beauty,

Looking up at the dazzling stars

Your eyes were all I could see.

Truly beguiling;

The shine and sparkle of your hazel hues

Became my constellations

My personal galaxy.


Time was immeasurable

Within the capsule of your embrace,

I felt my forever in that moment

As I learnt love’s breath and taste.

I felt my forever in your arms,

Unravelling a pre-ordained truth.


Our connection is rudimentary

Cultivated from afar,

Our souls were born of the same star.


The poetry of heaven;

The jewels of night

We, our love, are of that celestial light.


The Corrupted Wordsmith


Who would win in a battle

Of brain against brawn?

When your flesh becomes your only weapon

To defend the scorned.


The scorned being you,

Humiliated and impassioned

And in need of retribution

By any means.


But in this world

You are provided with only one

Where guns and knives are at the hands of none

When in the game of vengeance


The choice is yours, young fellow

The rules are quite clear and concise

You may have brawn or you may have brain

Physical strength or wisdom’s gains


Many a fool chose brawn

As blind fury can lead one to believe

That physical injuries will suffice

That blood and gore is what you need.


But I, a wordsmith, of the venomous sort

Know more of the delightful damage my words can do

I have just the thing to leave a sting,

The enduring tormenting kind


If the brain is something that interests you.


If so, I can assist you in your malefic endeavours

Teach you the power of mental wounds

Skill you in the art of breaking a heart

Without breaking a sweat.


I know how to kill a person

From the inside out

The type of pain they can never treat

The type of death they can never escape


I know of a death that greets you every waking hour

That will paralyse and steal your life

Until it is nothing

But a succession of torment, that you are forced to relive & relive


Now, if that is something that interests you, fine fellow,

I am just the wordsmith for you

Brute force can get you so far, but

With brains, with me, words can get you the rest of the way.


The choice is always yours.

Dear Heart // Dear Mind

Dear Heart, 

I know you think you love him, I know he stole your Sunday with thoughts of him that clawed at your chest, but how can you be sure that what you are feeling is love? How can you be sure that what you are feeling is any good for you or beneficial in anyway? I’ve been there. Through it all, with you. Helped you heal and we finally got ourselves back on our feet. Maybe the memory of the pain and scars he caused has escaped you. But with me; they remain. Vivid and haunting. That is why it hurt to be around him, love and resentment do not mesh well inside do they? But I am writing to tell you that I have been doing some thinking, and I believe it was the sudden realisation that some love for him still lingers inside you that stung the most. After a year of recovery: forgetting his name, quelling the desire for his touch and erasing all memory of the feelings he provoked within you. But alas, just one look dismantled all the barriers, all the walls you spent so long building around your heart to protect you from people like him. You feel like this is what love does, this is how love behaves? Well, lucky for you I do all the thinking and it’s a bitter shame. A bitter shame that you mistake a dagger for a rose, every time. A bitter shame that despite all the pain he has caused you feel like something that is within you is drawn to something that is within him. And this paralyses you with fear. What will become of these feelings? I am here to remind you of the last time you opened up to him. Remember how that felt? How he turned your courageous efforts of making something lasting and true into a whirlwind of anxiety and dismay. I will not let that happen to you again no matter what feelings you, mere Heart, think you have. I will be your guard. Always.

With my deepest concern,



Dearest Mind, 

I offer you my deepest and truest apology for all the agony and despair I have made us endure at times, but I feel like in spite of everything it will be worth it. He awoke some things inside of me that I thought were dead, things, heeding your advice, I tried to kill. But as you can see, despite all our efforts, merely his presence alone ignited something in me. I used to think that this made me weak but now I believe that this all simply confirms something we’ve been trying to deny. I’m in love. Who knew it would feel like this? How does love arrive so quickly, so unexpectedly? These are questions you can not answer, Mind, because this love did not come from you. It was not thought up, no matter how many times you would tell me so, to alleviate the pain. It feels too real to deny … to simply ignore. It feels brand new, as if our past was purely preparing us for that very moment – the moment we realised our love for each other at the same exact time. Maybe I do not know what will become of these feelings but do not disparage my honesty. Try to understand, do not judge me when I tell you that to deny my feelings at this very moment would be to deny something I believe to be monumental. A pivotal moment in my life that will shape and colour all things proceeding. Your warning has simply reminded me of his unquestionable influence, how I will forever feel tied to him. Our fates are intertwined and this is something logic can never truly fathom. My only desire is for you to enjoy the splendour love brings with me, without reservation. This is what it means to be alive.

With love,