Saturday Night Baby

Tonight we dance.

With Electrified bodies

With minds floating far from concerns,


Tonight we riot.

All leather skirts and red lips to the ready

We use our fashion to scream at convention

At the uniform

At the mundane business of the working.


For tonight is Saturday

Every hour of this night is our own.

So let us lavish in laughter, in dancing and gin

As we brace ourselves for the week to begin.

~ In Transition ~

Called by the knowing

The inner whisper from

The timeless

To a timezone

Where seconds melt away

And potential burns through

The transition

The disquiet

That follows one passing phase

Into another


With all of life

Brimming and bubbling in the bones of you

Here births the realised dream

The magnetised pull

To the future you

That is already fulfilled

Already the dazzling wonder

You feel so vividly in the distance


One you are with this dream

And all future yous

Living fully

In the present

Lingering Desire


In those brief absences

Of my lips knowing another,

My mind dances around the memory of you.


When looking back, my mind recreates you.

You are stronger, taller, innately sensitive,

With eyes that can transcend the physical.


In retrospect,

You are quintessential

Enough to make reality; unfulfilling.


But in truth,

You were just a whisper

Of something greater still to come.


Yet, in those absences

When the closest thing to my desires

Is in your inadequate memory,


I curse my fickle heart

For the sweet deceits it spews

And for enjoying the memory & image of you.