~ In Transition ~

Called by the knowing

The inner whisper from

The timeless

To a timezone

Where seconds melt away

And potential burns through

The transition

The disquiet

That follows one passing phase

Into another


With all of life

Brimming and bubbling in the bones of you

Here births the realised dream

The magnetised pull

To the future you

That is already fulfilled

Already the dazzling wonder

You feel so vividly in the distance


One you are with this dream

And all future yous

Living fully

In the present

Divorcing Melancholy


All the angst

And adolescent rousing

Of our fucked up formative years

Seem to lazily fade

Gently bounding off

Into the near horizon

Taking all that we were with it.

All the traitorous doubts

Lost loves

Lingering sorrows

& woeful memories

That have imprinted itself

In your core


Trying to define you

Make a home out of you.


You watch

In a flurrying ecstasy

As your awakening dispels this obstructive energy

The freedom, oh the beauty

That you now get to enjoy

In all its entirety


With the divine glow

Of internal light

You stand

After all the misery

That has brought you to your knees

You stand


Still fluorescent, still disarming

You smile


“Victory,” He said.

“She has victory in her eyes.”

Misconceptions about Love


Ask for Love

In its truest, purest form.

Ask for it.

But be prepared for the soul-shaking storms that come.

Love never promised to constantly satisfy

To meet your every need

To attend to your every desire

Because if that is what you seek,

Love is not what you are looking for.

Love is not what you are looking for


When the storms come

When the thunder quakes your life

And the lightning dismantles your heart;

You will cry to the Creator

The Giver of your request

And question Love’s sincerity

Because you did not ask for pain,

You did not ask for agony,

You did not ask for a storm to destroy the very fabric of your being.

What fools we are, asking for what we do not know.

Naive in believing the tales of eternal sunshine

Because the pain is a part of love, the misery, the endurance.

Love is long suffering,

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?

Love is beautiful, yet annihilating.

It will kill your ego, your prior illusory self-concept

Until you are no longer you

But two.


So the next time you wail in dismay

At the sorrows that come as God rips a rib from your chest.

Do not lament

Be wise

You cannot experience metamorphic change without pain.

If love is what you are after

Love in its truest, purest form

Brace yourself before you ask

Brace yourself

It is more than worth it.